Activities of our security firm "Rubicon" are based on the strict observance of the laws of the Russian Federation, in close cooperation with the government authorities and colleagues from other security firms. In accordance with the Law "On Private Detective and Security Activity in the Russian Federation" and on the basis of the license for non-state (private) security activity, issued to the PSF "Rubicon" LLC in 2001 by the Main Internal Affairs Directorate of the city of Moscow, we can offer you the following services:  
  • protection of life and health of citizens;
  • protection of the property of owners (including in transit), which is owned, used, operated, is in the economic control, operational management or trust management on legal grounds;
  • counselling and preparation of recommendations to clients on issues of legal protection against unlawful encroachments;
  • maintenance of order at the places of conduct of public events;
  • design and installation of technical security equipment.
PSF "Rubicon" LLC provides the services on protection of private property, industrial plants, shopping centers, construction sites, offices, warehousing bases on the territory of the city of Moscow and Moscow region. However, the main focus is the organization of protection of offices and shopping centers. Staff of the chief executives of the firm fully consists of law enforcement officials, and officials of elite forces transferred to the reserve. .  


Maintenance of order at the places of conduct of public events 3 %
Legal security 7 %
Implementation of access control 20 %
Protection of life and health of citizens 15 %

55 % Protection of the objects and property of owners